Photo Collection

Brad's Photos - The titles of these photos are the name I typed in real fast after taking the photo, so they aren't promised to be spelled right or especially creative. On many photos you will find my comments at the bottom of the page to explain why I took the picture or the significance of the scene.


      Jerusalem - Photos from locations in Jerusalem

      Other - Photos taken of sites not in the city of Jerusalem while staying at the Jerusalem Center

      Jordan - Photos taken on the four-day field trip to the country of Jordan

      Egypt - The tiny number of photos taken on our four-day field trip to the Sinai

      Galilee - Photos taken of sites while staying in the Galilee area

    People - Any photo whose primary purpose was to show people rather than a site or object

    Instructional - Any photo that isn't necessarily tied to a single site but might have instructional value

    JC Shots - Pictures of our lovely home in the Jerusalem Center

    Misc - I didn't know where else to put these photos

    Sunsets - These are all nearly identical shots of a sunset over the Sea ofGalilee. I couldn't decided which ones to keep.

    Gardens - If you are good with plants you can identify these photos. They were taken in the garden at the Center and should thus have some biblical significance. I don't know it. I don't even know what they are. Maybe you will and can use them.

Travis' Photos - These don't have names or any comments. I have put a few hints about what is in each group. The groups are pretty much what came off the camera so they should be roughly grouped.

    Sites and other things

      Group 1 - Madaba map, Macpelah, Jewish man studies, fire in J'lem, children, Petra, Jerash

      Group 2 - Cesearea Maritima, Ba'hai HQ, Carmel, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Beatitudes, Sephorus mosaics, En Gev

      Group 3 - Holy Sepulchre, Western Wall, St. George Monastery, Jericho, Hisham's Palace, Shiloh, Garden Tomb, Dome of the Rock

      Group 4 - Capernaum, En Gev sunset

      Group 5 - Bet Shean, Gon Hashalosha, Nain, Sea of Galilee, Beatitudes

      Group 6 - Tabor

      Group 7 - Dan, Banias,

      Group 8 - Camels, Sinai, St. Catherine, Pharoah's Island, Bethany

      Group 9 - Upper Room, Dormition Abby, Jerusalem Center, Peter Galicantu, Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Triclineum, Night shots of J'lem

      Group 10 - Ophel Garden, Hezekiah Tunnel, Model City, Western Wall, 7 Arches Hotel

    People Shots