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Holy Land Adventure 2022

We took an epic month-long trip to the Holy Land in 2022 and Keryn captured the goodness in a blog that we also printed into books with  


Come, Follow Me Read-along Podcast

Bradley has been recording the scriptures that go along with each week's study of the official curriculum of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.       


Jesus the Christ Podcast

Bradley made a recording of the landmark study of the life of the Savior by apostle James E. Talmage. Some prefer this recording over the Church's official recording because it omits the citations and footnotes that interrupt the narrative flow.


Jerusalem Fall 2000

Bradley participated in the BYU Jerusalem Center program in Fall 2000. Only 2 students in the program had digital cameras at that point. Bradley distributed his photos on CD to other interested students and is making the same material available here for historical reference.         


BYU Geology

Keryn teaches for the BYU Geology Department. 


BYU Office of IT

Bradley works for the BYU Office of Information Technology.